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In modern educational establishments for conducting and achievement of the maximal effect of process of training it is necessary to use the training labware and training visual aids.

During its life ONIKO has brought the big contribution to maintenance of educational process of average and maximum medical formation with manuals and materials which assist simplification of process professional skills acquiring and increase of its efficiency.

ONIKO is the leading supplier of educational medical grants in Ukraine, since 1994.

We offer a wide range of products developed by leading world firms for maintenance of educational processes in general educational and special educational establishments.

Anatomic models

ONIKO offers a wide range of anatomic models: skeletons, skulls, the backbones, separate bones, muscles, a head, a brain, heart, teeth, eyes and other parts of a human body.

Simulators-dummies for medical practice

Wide range of models, models-simulators, biomechanisms and dummies for working off of medical receptions at performance of injections, punctures, catheterization, at physical examination and care of patients in various areas of medical practice.

Medicine of accidents and rescue of victims

Models-simulators for acquiring of skills at rendering emergency medical aid to affected and patients, at their evacuation in medical establishments during liquidation of consequences of accidents and catastrophes.

Professional medical education

Модели для КТ и Рентгенологии: фантомы торса, всего тела, головы, грудной клетки, брюшного отдела для КТ и ангиографии.
Ультразвуковые модели: тренировочная модель для УЗИ; интраоперационный и лапароскопический ультразвуковой фантом брюшной полости и др.
Клинические модели: тренажеры для введения катетера в центральную вену, для колоноскопии, для поясничной пункции и др.

Training and laboratory equipment for vocational training

Laboratory educational stands and workplaces for students of colleges, technical schools and high schools. Stands and workplaces are developed specially for use by preparation general engineering specialities students on sections of physics, electronics, automatics and instrument making.

Manuals for schools

Devices, the equipment, printed matter, models, scarecrows, herbariums, visual aids and other varied methodical materials for cabinets of physics, chemistry, biology, geography.

All products are made of high-quality and environmentally benign materials that provides a security and durability in use.

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